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Omni Chicago Hotel, Chicago

Posted By: Shinobu - 23:47

Submitted Omni Chicago Hotel

Have you been to Chicago, Il., in the United States of America?
And, before you go, may I ask how good you had experiences for dining in the States? :D

I only went to main land once before staying overnight in Chicago in 2007, that was in
Orlando, Fl., say, Disney World:-)  But, even the Magic Kingdom, back in 90's, there was
no magic on the plates so I had less expectation with Chicago dining, until I got a large
pizza on the street in the evening.  So gooood.

Then, sleepless night due to system trouble in Tokyo kept me all night long was over
and I went down to 676 Restaurant and Bar in Omni Chicago Hotel, all suite room hotel
in the central of Chicago.

Yes, as you saw above, none of omelet was served in the breakfast (but who in the world has plain omelet as dinner???), but well cooked but juicy scramble egg, with pretty much baked potato with bacon.  It was indeed impressive dish ever had!  I would say to you, you must have it once you come to Chicago!!!

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