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King's, Grand Ambassador Seoul, South Korea

This is my first visit in my life to South Korea, the closest neighbour to Japan.  My perception to Seoul food is "chilly hot" and BBQ, which I did enjoyed last night at some small restaurant in the back street of Dongdaemun area, feeling some pain on the tongue, and now morning comes.

King's is a renewed restaurant in Grand Ambassador, Seoul, an affiliate of Pullman / Sofitel group, so interior is quite splendid one, with variety of food, from Japanese breakfast, Korean, and Omelette :-)

This morning, young chef cooked for me, tried to make it seamless...  but failed.  I respect his trial as you see above.

-- iPhoneから送信
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Cafe Causette, Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

Please do not blame my laziness.  Now I am on the way for world-round trip and at the final destination, HCM City.  Before coming here, I passed by New York, London, Jersey and Hong Kong, and had some omelette.  I cannot tell why but I have been tied up with many other matters (and my luggage has been keeping slightly less than 30kg and getting more and more like my belly...) so that I can not even transfer photos to PC or iPad to write...

Here is a photo, at Cafe Causette, in Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong (or old Mandarin Oriental).

As you see, unlike other hotels in Hong Kong where I tried in several years, they serve non-three-folded omelette!  Yeah, beautiful seamless one, surprisingly.  In fact this was my eye-opening surprise as I have been feeling sleepy due to jet lag as well as tiredness....

Well, at the end, Mandarin is Mandarin.  Quality talks...
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Vermain Valley Hotel, Guernsey

During my trip to Jersey, I need to drop at another part of Channel Islands, that is Guernsey Island, for some reasons, and stayed at Vermain Valley Hotel, where is slightly off from the capital of Guernsey, St. Peter Port, and is indeed in the valley towards to a calm beach.  The hotel stunned me, quite pleasant room and amenity with calm and traditional interior, in a calm valley (and a bottomless of Sherry wine as in-room service :-)

And, their breakfast offers a range of dishes, include our favourite omelette as you find above.  Though shape is not that charming but, assumedly it should have some milk to cook more softened with three(!) eggs :-)
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Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel, Jersey

Whenever I am in Jersey, I prefer to stay at Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel, Jersey, as they are as stylish and functional as Nordic, as they were named Radison SAS.  But their dishes offered at restaurant as well as bar at terrace are very British influenced by French where is just 10 miles away from, fairly saying in common everywhere in the island.

So, saying about Omelet, as you see, very genuine and you can pick up an effort of chief, while we may still expect more for shaping seamless, as we also saw a perfect Omelet, with salmon, served by their neighbour of Longueville Manor Hotel in Jersey.

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Caramel Room, the Berkeley, Knightsbridge, London

Luckily I could stay at one of traditional hotel in London to enjoy their master piece. While I can pick up their cooking ideas seemingly influenced by Japanese cuisine as they used "mashroom", not as English one, but Shimeji and Shiitake mashrooms, which I got impressed, but still three-folded cooking....
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A piece of the day

After Hong Kong folded omelet days, I made it for my own...

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Garden Cafe, Conrad Hong Kong

Conrad HK, April 2010

I am not sure if I have listed here before, but, this time I could not get upgraded to access to executive lounge for stay at Conrad due to fully occupation, whole this week I will come to have omelette here at Garden Cafe.  (Do not blame my lazy selection of hotel to stay at Conrad Hong Kong again and again; I am lucky enough to obtain a corporate rate from Conrad so I cannot change anywhere else...) As you see, it is three-folded one, with mushroom which I asked to put it in, a typical Hong Kong hotel style :-)
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Spanish Omelette by Sofitel Saigon Plaza, HCM City, Vietnam

送信者 Sofitel Saigon Plaza

I am not sure how we have to describe "Spanish" with, but with Spanish sausage, potato sliced in cubic shape and half-rare omelette is an opus of a lounge breakfast offered by Sofitel Sigon Plaza, you must try. 
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With salmon flakes

Today's omelet, a replication of Longue Ville Manor, jersey

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Omelet of the day, 25/Jan/10

Today's masterpiece :-)
With minced Japanese Enoko Mashroom.

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