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Satsuma, Kanda, Tokyo, Japan

Posted By: Shinobu - 23:42
Omelette and Curry-and-rice at Satsuma, Kanda, Tokyo, Japan
Omelette and Curry-and-rice at Satsuma, Kanda, Tokyo, Japan
It was, simply fabulous and I did not expect that much brilliant omelette to be served at the lunch of a small bar, located at one of back streets of Kanda crowded with small bars and local cuisine, one station north by Yamanote Line from Tokyo terminal.

And, you, as one of the keenest omelette lovers in the world, might feel strange that omelette is served with curry-and-rice.  Yes, Japanese chiefs made innovation and fusion on every imported dish from overseas; this curry-and-rice was originally introduced from England, not India, after Brits invented curry powder to cook Indian curry at their home country, so Japanese firstly got to know curry as "western cuisine".  And over the centuries, Japanese keep innovated this curry-and-rice into more Japanese style, and in fact this Kanda area is very famous for curry; more than 150 restaurants, from Indian and south-east Asian restaurant to western style ones, and bars and even ramen shops, serves their own receipt of curry every day.

So... who ever combined curry-and-rice and our holy omelette; what a combo!  Next time you come to Tokyo, all you have to visit for omelette is, not a breakfast buffet at Imperial Hotel, though it is of course worth to have, but this Satsuma.  After enjoying Japanese sake, then you should try this :-)

Happy Omelette!

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