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Executive Lounge, Royal Park Hotel, Tokyo, Japan

Simply, it was a sort of "City Break" for me to stay overnight at Royal Park Hotel, where is 10-15 minutes distance by car from my apartment in Asakusa, Tokyo.  But, unusual experience always gives me a break:  calm and silent night, with no computer, no smartphone ringing, but laying on the softly cushioning bed and reading some books which I bought and left for a month or two unopened.
And, another joy for me after overnight at a hotel is... no wonder.  Omelette.

Thanks to hotel arrangement, I had an access to their executive lounge in 20th floor for breakfast (and, no exception for lounge service, your favourite cocktail for evening if your check-in was early enough) and I enjoyed their buffet style breakfast.  And... they assigned one chief for hot grill for... omelette.

As always in Japan, omelette is seamlessly yellow rugby-ball shaped as if all the chief learned from one-and-only master but reality is not;  even at home, we would expect that shape and seamlessness.  And, once I saw that, I feel comfortable :-)

Executive lounge was, more or less anywhere from hotels and airports, a bit crowded, but it was Sunday 8 a.m., so people including me was a slight late / slight early starters for sunny late summer Sunday.
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