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Executive Sky Lounge, MGallary Hotel Des Arts Saigon, HCM City, Vietnam

Posted By: Shinobu - 22:26
Now, I am back to HCM City, Vietnam, as my annual routine trip.  Guess I mentioned last year, now you can find traffic signals here and there.  I.e., until a couple years ago, they do not need it but they can manage by their own paces.  It is very surprised but when walking down the street of very central of HCM City, even pedestrian has many motorcycles so that the capacity of traffic infrastructure might be reaching to limit, or more than capacity of motorcycles run around in the city.  Wow, urbanisation! 

For my fixed point observation (?), since last year my regular hotel staying is moved to MGallary Hotel Des Arts Saigon.  After their soft opening last year, now their operations are very stable, but friendly and more on the clients side.  And big change since last stay in a year ago is having executive lounge at 22nd floor.  Renovated southern side of rooms into a single lounge, very comfortable space is now welcoming you.

And, of course, you should expect their breakfast.  Maybe thanks to strategy by Accord group, even at executive lounge, they give us their menu for our selection.  From American to British, Chinese and local ones, you can feel more customer friendly lounge experiences there.

As for omelet, the theme here, this time I put two shots, one above is my second day: I asked "plain omelet" and this is the outcome, and the lower one is my first morning breakfast, with all their stuff, bacon, mashroom, ham, etc., inside.  The above one might be called "scramble egg", if you are American (or Japanese) so you may feel more relaxed to call it as omelet.  But in either case, egg tastes so fresh and well cooked.  Enjoy!

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