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Garden Cafe, Conrad Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Many of you might know, I love Conrad Hong Kong, where the some of staff recognize me so I feel it as second home. Last December was another chance to come back home, while I have been missing as hotel rates in HK in general rose high as double comparing with a couple of years ago, but it appears nothing changed, all the staff I recognise are around and they recognise me too :-)

But, one notably discover was that I found a couple of staff in black at Garden Cafe, and one of them made a perfect omelet, with seamless round shape.  Shame, I did not bring my iPhone or cam with me on that day, and that was only when I got that occasion...  I must come back again, so soon...

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The Old Brewery, Greenwich, UK

Sorry to put this to omelette blog but, it was something I got impressed to "Egg Royale" 1 or 2 eggs on toasted muffins with smoked salmon & Hollandaise at The Old Brewary Cafe, in the Old Royal Navy College, where is very close to the Royal Observatory, the meantime of the world.

Not just presentation as above, texture is something I get to love it :-)
If you are tired of too much omelette, you must try something else :D

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Cecconi's, London, UK

During travel around the world, sometimes you are tempted to go out for breakfast.  Taking a fresh morning air under new sun shining, it should be another good idea to start off your busy day on the road, than starting at gym to sweat :-)

In the central London, very close to famous street of Old Bond Street, Cecconi's is there to serve your breakfast, lunch and, no need to say, dinner in a very classic Italian mood.  I.e, omelette is... as it appears as above, very continental style.  But, it is worth to enjoy when in London ;-)

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