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Club Lounge, Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi

5 years after, I am now back to Hanoi, Vietnam.
As same as HCM City, or even more, capital of Vietnam has been developed further, wider highways, more high-rises, more cars, but more people and warm atmosphere have not changed.

And, I am back to Sofitel Legend Metropole.  While I was told it has been kept redeveloping, it keeps its tradition to sustain their hospitality which I have been in love with them.

Now, let's see our favourite dish.  To top on a slice of the back truffle, they serve a mixture of vegetable into egg source for cook, with seamless rugby football shape.  Yikes!  Inside is well-cooked but you can enjoy a bit of egg source in a juicy manner which I like.

In general, they are operating exclusively for their executive lounge customers, but I suppose they offer this omelette as a part of breakfast menu at restaurant for hotel residents.

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Executive Lounge, Conrad Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR, China

At last, I came back my second home, after losing any business reasons to visit to Hong Kong since December 2012.  But, it remains there; appearance remains, staff too.  But, Pacific Place proudly announces its 25th anniversary, so that renovation here and there is unavoidable for the visitors being attracted to come back, naturally, and our executive lounge is also applicable.

More stylish appearance, and more spaces (this means less kitchenette behind the scene), hence more tables and chairs, but more comfortable indeed.  And dishes served there is even more:  free accessed oven, keeping temperature around 70 degree to keep your bread and scone warm, bigger fridge offers more drinks and cold fruits and home-made yogurt.  And, better omelette :-)

The day I took a shot was a day for omelette with bell peppers, with almost seamless rugby football shape, though it was served in a large pan with steam warmer (you cannot expect your chef cooks for you by order due to space), but considering past experiences in HK, it was indeed improved.  Well done!

I now started to find and create another excuse to be back my second home now :-)
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