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Park Cafe, Marriott Executive Apartment, Yeouido Park Centre, Seoul, South Korea

This was my second trip to Seoul, after 16 months from my first visit in November 2010, and Marriott Executive Apartment Yeouido Park Centre, Seoul, (MEA, as they call themselves) was my base there. Yeouido is located south-east of Seoul special district and called Manhattan Island of Seoul, and indeed financial regulators as well as well-recognized financial institutes have offices in the island so you may expect convenience for meetings if you work in financial industry. However, to get there from airport by train, there is no direct access even from Seoul's central station (changing Line 1 to Line 4 at Singli station) with 30 minutes, or no direct access to other major cities like Gangnam and COEX area (approx. 50 minutes with Line 9, 3 and 2!) or Myongdong (approx. 40 minutes with Line 4, 1 and x) and... MAE is 10 minutes distance on foot from the closest exit #5. I.e., if you are self-concluded personality like me who prefer to use trains as commuter rather than taxi which you hesitate to speak in Korean to indicate where to go, with a doubt of unclear mis-communication, you might feel a bit inconvenience instead. And... Neighbor of MEA has almost none of shops or restaurants so you need to go back to Yeouido station and beyond business buildings area, but you never expect to communicate in English (or Japanese for me).
If you decide to stay within the MEA complex, they have comfortable dining, like Paul's, which you can find in London, Paris (of course) and Tokyo, and Park Cafe, which serves buffet dining from breakfast to dinner like this, as well as SOO spa and gym offering quite pleasant spa like you find in Tokyo, big baths and variety of saunas.
Okay, back to our favorite omelette.
After ordering a familiar "free range of egg, with variety of stuff like mushroom, onion, ham etc.," mine was delivered, yes, you do not have to stand in front of the chief to see how he cooks. See, well-round-shaped, seamless omelette. How nice! If I can say a bit more, bit too well-cooked so you have less egg juice when you chop it with your fork. This is quite depending on your preference, you like egg juice to enjoy half-rare or well-done...
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