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Garden Restaurant "PRINTEMPS", ANA Crown Plaza Hotel Okinawa Harbor View, Okinawa, Japan

Posted By: Shinobu - 0:47
Nowadays, I could not find any good excuse to travel abroad, so my post to Omelet blog has been slowing down, so sorry about that.

But, I realise even Japanese trip information can be of your help, when you come to Japan, so I pull some omelet shots out of my stock in my online photo album to share.  No worry this was taken in July 2016, not that old story.

Okinawa is one of best destinations for summer vacation for beach resort.  And, as former ANA Hotel chain, and current international franchise, IHG, ANA Crown Plaza Hotel group is well-maintained portfolio of hotels with crown of ANA, a half of national carrier of Japan, so this hotel, despite of name of this hotel as "harbor view" but it only means the location as mid-level of hill close to local capital, Naha-City (note that even Google Map will lead you to wrong direction, say opposite side of hotel with no entrance), gives you relaxed atmosphere of southern islands summer time.

In typical hotels like this franchise, you can enjoy all-day buffet at main dining, and here is no exception.  In fact, I really enjoyed being served a lot (indeed, a lot) of beef stake from grill as only eye contact with a chief in charge of the grill talked me again and again that you can have more :-)

And that grill serves a very hot and fresh omelet as above.  Very simple (as I ordered a plain one as always for comparison purpose), seamless rugby football shaped omelet with juicy egg yolk inside.  But no wonder in Japan.  This is typical one you can have almost everywhere.


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