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Star Alliance Lounge, Heathrow Airport, London

I did not imagine that this is an omelet, but French toast...

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deVille, the Mandeville Hotel, London

Now I am back in London, and stayed at another hotel in Marylebone, London, The Mandeville.  Hotel itself is authentic, but, you can find its concept of "Devil" which comes from its location name "Man-deville", like Mad Martini etc.

Its restaurant, The deVille, is fine dining but has same taste of interior, purple logo, suitable for night-hours, but it serves breakfast, not just dinner.  At breakfast, it appears less selection for cold-cut, hams and bakons, baked tomato etc., as those are served on the plate together with egg you choose as above, good idea as you do not have to worry which to pick.  However, omelette is half-folded one, but you can enjoy soft-juicy rare-cooked egg inside.  Enjoy!

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