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Live Kitchen "Cooka", Osaka Marriotte Miyako Hotel, Osaka, Japan

Our common understanding about Osaka is "a city for cuisine".  Traditionally, various technique and presentation of dishes to the rest of this countries, while, of course, local fresh vegetables, fish and meats drives directions of local cuisine, but influence of "a city of cuisine" as trend is unavoidable.

But, as for omelette, a cooking technique is quite back to basis, to cook a simple rugby football shaped, seamless omelette appears to my table.  One interesting innovation by this hotel is that you have to pick one stick, with labelled your table number, to bring to chief's grill area, to put your stick into a cup together with your favourite ingredients like ham, bacon, vegetables, etc.  Then, two smily female chiefs will cook for you and floor staff will serve you, by finding you with that stick.  Shame you cannot give any grace to chief cooking, but just laid back to chair to wait for your omelette.  Smart enough, efficient enough for busy morning hours...
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