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Club Lounge, Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi

5 years after, I am now back to Hanoi, Vietnam.
As same as HCM City, or even more, capital of Vietnam has been developed further, wider highways, more high-rises, more cars, but more people and warm atmosphere have not changed.

And, I am back to Sofitel Legend Metropole.  While I was told it has been kept redeveloping, it keeps its tradition to sustain their hospitality which I have been in love with them.

Now, let's see our favourite dish.  To top on a slice of the back truffle, they serve a mixture of vegetable into egg source for cook, with seamless rugby football shape.  Yikes!  Inside is well-cooked but you can enjoy a bit of egg source in a juicy manner which I like.

In general, they are operating exclusively for their executive lounge customers, but I suppose they offer this omelette as a part of breakfast menu at restaurant for hotel residents.

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