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Radisson BLU Waterfront Jersey, St. Helier, Jersey

And, I at last came back to Jersey, Channel Islands after 18 months of missing, due to a big fact that a year 2012 was an Olympic year in London so that I was anticipated not to work once I came to U.K. so that my smart boss prohibited to come to UK.

After 18 months, I saw many changes in London, and even Jersey too.

My second home in Jersey, Radisson BLU Waterfront Jersey got a big blue sign on the top of the building, replaced its fitness operator, etc., but their pride of "Super Breakfast" remains as it is.

But....  as you saw above, omelette shapes different from what we saw before that I suppose you agree when you saw my past article.  I would say here, innovative shape, however, I wonder if it is comparable with other omelettes around the world...  Let's see how they tweet back to this article.
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