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Saigon Kitchen, Hotel Des Arts, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

After my last trip to HCM City two years ago, I completely missed to find my good excuse to come back here, but this city has been kept changing a lot here and there, to have this new boutique hotel under Accor hotel franchise.  I was lucky to be one of the first guests during their 90 days of soft opening period so that all the hotel staff really and literally took care of me well as if an old friend, but to check their operations work as on their plan.

Their breakfast at 2nd floor, Saigon Kitchen, appears same format found around the world, as breakfast buffet, however, you may be stunned for the lineup of cuisine, from typical western / continental breakfast stuff to local pho, with two hot grills.  One is for sweet crapes, to top with caramel, chocolate or berry sources, and the other is, no wonder, our favourite omelettes.

As you see above, the cook carefully prepared and brought to my table for me, a seamless rugby-football-shaped omelette nicely and softly.  If, as Japanese I am can say one more, it might be nicer to cook as half-cooked so that we could have enjoyed egg juice leaking out when you put your fork into it.

Now I got a new home in HCM City, with reasonable nightly rate, so all I have to do next is to work hard to find another good excuse to bring myself back here.
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