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Cafe Un Deux Trois. Mandarin Oriental Taipei, Taiwan

Cafe Un Duex Trois, Mandarin Oriental Taipei

It was indeed my first travel to Taipei, Republic of China.  Landed at relatively small Songshan Airport, bought a local prepaid SIM as usual routine when travelling abroad, and headed to a hotel where was my stay this time by walk along a broadway immediately connected to the airport down to south for 10 minutes.  Then I found a relatively new but classic style building with a shopping mall;  this is Mandarin Oriental Taipei, opened in early 2014.

Interior is new but classic, functional but gorgeous; very "Mandarin Oriental" style which you can find everywhere you stay at Mandarin Oriental.  Indeed, a concept of bath in each room is very next to bed so that you can see outside, especially sunset even in the bath tub (with a glass of sparkling wine, if you feel something special), and this is quite resemble to MO Tokyo.

Unless you are granted for executive lounge access, your breakfast is at their cafe; Cafe Un Deux Trois, MO Taipei.  Like others, they serve in buffet style, from western continental ones to Chinese local cuisine, and omelette is to be asked for order to staff, not chief at the grill, with your preference.  So unfortunately I had to miss omelette on the day 2, my first breakfast in Taipei, as it seems staff might have forgotten my order to convey due to miscommunication between staff and me (or staffs, I do not know)... But, I at last got my breakfast as my preference as above on the day 3;  with smooth surface and no seam...  You may also enjoy another dishes from grill like french toast, Bergen waffles.  Enjoy!

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