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Caxton Grill, St. Ermin's Hotel, London, UK

Posted By: Shinobu - 7:48

I missed any good excuse to come to London in 2012.  I might have been considered that I should be around Wimbledon during Olympic Games so that I should not be in UK in the year.

But, now is 2013 and I am back to London.  And, booked at a hotel I stayed last time.

There seems no change in any sense, appears classic London hotel, and reality is no difference from your perception when you stood at their gate.  And you feel the same when you approach to the reception of Caxton Grill in the morning.  Very classy interior of bar area to restaurant area, and variety of selection of bread, cold cuts, fresh fruits, etc., any of them claims their impressive tastes as well, and no exception with omelette.

Round-shaped very smooth skin at appearance, and half-cooked inside to enjoy a bit of egg source with stuff.    Yes, I came back to UK now.

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