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Carluccio's, Canary Wharf, London, UK

Posted By: Shinobu - 23:23

In January, 2015, I was lucky to have a good excuse to be back to London.  And one of my routine in London is to see my good ex-boss at the breakfast table near his office in Canary Wharf.  Carluccio's seems, regardless of my favourite routine visit, famous for its splendid but reasonably-priced breakfast, even though they have a big franchise in UK, so always crowded.

My favourite here is, in fact, "Colazione Magnifica" for my choice of free range eggs, but that morning they did not accept it for omelette, so I had to order a simple omelette with mushroom as above :-)

Taste?  Yes, it is as always, I put some salt and pepper on it, it is yet another routine in London.

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