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The Caxton Grill, St. Ermin's Hotel, London

Posted By: Shinobu - 5:49

When thinking about staying London, there are so many (but not X) factors to choose hotels, or even areas:  where you land, where you mainly visit in London, where you are going out of town.  My typical case is that I am to land at Heathrow, see people in City and Dockland, and leave from Gatwick, or vice versa.  So, staying around Westminster, or to say Victoria, may make sense but I have never done, so St. Ermin's, where it is renovated early this year, appears some perfect location to hop on / off Gatwick Express late evenings.

As recent renovation, rooms are quite functional, but I recommend you to bring Airport Express to extend your internet access to your iPhone, iPad and laptop computers together.  And... breakfast, where we must argue here, as this is not gadget-driven

The Caxton Grill is the venue of the breakfast buffet, with priced as GBP 19, but you need to top up another GBP 9 for your cheese-and-onion omelette or full English.  Obviously choosing full English is more reasonable to enjoy cuisine, but half-raw juicy omelette is, though not seamless rugby-football shaped, worthwhile to taste.

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