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StarBoat, Radisson Blu Istanbul

Posted By: Shinobu - 6:37

Some of you might have noticed, I am on the road to round-the-world tour.  But, having said that, Istanbul, Turkey, may not be considerable place to visit, while you can kindly ignore the fact that my stay in Istanbul started from Saturday to Sunday.
There are several reasons behind like:
  • Turkey is one of interesting emerging countries, where dare to put itself distance from EU, to end up with escaping from turmoil impact recently.
  • From HCM City with Star Alliance, there are several destination such as Singapore, Bangkok, Frankfurt and Istanbul, and it seems much attractive with Istanbul than Singapore or Bangkok while a flight to Frankfurt was fully booked.
  • Staying in Istanbul should give me good ideas for blogging lol.
But, on the day I arrived at Istanbul, it was rain, and kept raining until next day when I left hotel, and indeed I had less sleeps during the week so that I felt to say whole day in the hotel....
This is, obviously, what I had for breakfast, as routine of omelette as well, and you should recognise this is two-folded...  I started to doubt that Radission Blu has a common recipe of omelette around the world so that we can enjoy same omelette in Istanbul and Jersey...  Am I correct, Mr. Radission?

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